Gas Valve Installation

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Installation in Southern California

Seismic Gas Shut-Off Valve Installations

PRC Mechanical
California State License #311690
Seismic Valve Installation Price list by COUNTY
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January 1, 2019

Standard Seismic Valve Installation up to 1 1/4”

LA County
*City of Beverly Hills & Long Beach
City of Santa Monica
Orange & Ventura County
Riverside & San Bernardino County
*City of Palm Springs & Desert Communities
Kern, Santa Barbara & San Diego County

Non-Standard Seismic Valve installations in LA County

City of Beverly Hills, Culver, Long Beach, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County & San Bernardino County ADD $100.00 to prices below.

City of Santa Monica, Palm Springs, Desert Communities, Kern County, Santa Barbara & San Diego County ADD $200.00 to prices below.

1 1/4” High Flow Standard Install
2 Standard Installs (same address)
$279.00 ea
3-4 Standard Installs (same address)
$269.00 ea
5 or more Installs (same address)
$219.00 ea
Meter Under Install
$449.00 starting
Field Set w/Post
$659.00 starting
Meter in Curb w/riser
$449.00 starting
Meter in Curb w/no riser
free estimate
1 1/2” Install
$595.00 starting
2” Install
$795.00 starting
1 1/2” Field Set w/Post
$795.00 starting
2” Field Set w/Post
$1095.00 starting

Gas meters located outside and within 3 feet of the home, are considered standard installations. Service man will quote additional price for other types of installs. Non-standard installations are where the meters are located in curbs, remote locations, under homes, covered in bushes or valves that are 1 ½” or larger etc. etc.

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Installation in Northern California

Quake Smart Retrofitting
4265 River Road
Santa Rosa, Ca 95401
Attn: Serafim Reis

Installation in Other Areas

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Frequently Asked Questions About Installation

How Long Does Installation Take?
Standard Installations take approximately one hour.

What Is A Standard Installation?
Standard Installations are those where a single freestanding meter is next to a house or building.

What Is A Non-Standard Installation?
1.) Where 1-1/2" or 2" valves are required.
2.) Where there are multiple meter headers.
3.) When gas meters are installed in curb vaults.
4.) When gas meters are under a house or building (normally referred to as Underneath Sets).
5.) When gas meters are standing alone in open areas (normally referred to as Field Sets).